• LingQs - Creating a LingQ is assigning a meaning to a word you read in your target language.
  • Coins - Coins are earned by creating LingQs, increasing LingQ statuses, making LingQs known, listening, reading. Read more about coins.
  • Known Words - Your Known Word Count consists of all status 4 - Learned Words and Known Words in your statistics.
  • LingQs Learned - Any time you move a LingQ to status 4 - Learned or Known, it counts as a LingQ Learned.
  • Listening hours - All time you spend listening to Lesson audios or your Playlist on LingQ is tracked automatically.
  • Words read - Every word you read on LingQ is tracked automatically.
  • Streak - Every consecutive day that you meet your daily LingQ goal (whatever your goal is), you maintain your streak. Learn more about the Streak.
  • Activity Score - An ongoing score of the learning activity you do on LingQ. It is based on the coins you earned through reading and Vocabulary review within the last 30 days.

Where to view your statistics

  • On the web, you'll see an ongoing, live-updated weekly summary. Note that you can manually import stats for activity you do away from LingQ by clicking the + next to the correspondent statistic.

  • Under My Profile (access via the Community tab, or by hovering over your icon in the top right corner and then selecting Profile). Here you can see all of the statistics for all of the languages you learn by toggling between languages at the top. You can also view different timeframes and statistical summaries based on the metric you're interested in.

Where your statistics matter

In addition to being useful for you to track your own progress, you can compete against other LingQ learners in the Challenges!