When you join LingQ, you set your daily LingQs goal. You can choose between:

This metric is simply based on how many LingQs you create every day. Creating LingQs is the core learning activity on LingQ. It measures your progress toward your goals. It's better to practice for 30 minutes daily rather than for 3 hours every few days.

If you achieve your daily LingQs goal, your streak remains alive for that day! It's that simple.

Your pacing towards your daily LingQs goal is always shown on the right of the homescreen, along with how many days you've kept your streak alive and how much time you have left to maintain your streak the current day:

Use your streak for accountability

If you join the Streak with Steve Challenge, the goal is to keep your streak alive for 90 days. If you complete it, you get a certificate from Steve!

Keeping his streak alive is the way Steve Kaufmann has achieved so much success in multilingualism. It's important for you to keep your streak alive as much as possible if you want to reach your goals!

If you'd like to adjust your daily LingQs goal, you can do so in the Home Settings.