LingQ rewards you for learning and knowing words. When you create a LingQ or make a word known you earn coins. The number of coins you earn depends on the value of the word. The most common words are considered more valuable and are worth four coins. The less common a word is, the fewer coins you will earn. The number of coins each word is worth is shown under the word in the dictionary panel.

Creating a LingQ earns you 1X the word’s value. If you make a word Known, you earn 5X its value. Increasing the status of a word earns you 1X coins per status increase until a word becomes known (✔). That means you can earn a maximum of 20 coins for the most valuable words!

Consider the above example which is worth 4 coins. Making a LingQ out of this word will earn you 4 coins. Increasing the status of the word will earn you 4 coins each time. And marking it Known earns you 20 coins!

You can use coins in the Avatar Store and buy clothes and accessories for your growing avatar.*

*Note: The Avatar Store will be phased out with v5.0.